Squat With Scarlet will give you an inside look into my fitness journey and how i’m finding it so far…
I call myself a gym bunny but there are still some days where I just want to stay in bed and eat KFC (who doesn’t love KFC?), but when you have a goal, it makes it much easier to push away those (tasty) temptations!
Stay tuned in and updated as I share parts of my fitness journey with you. Some subjects include:

  • Workout Videos + Descriptions
  • Tasty + healthy meal ideas
  • Motivational moments
  • Updates on my personal training growth
  • Fitness Inspo!

I will be keeping it 100% real with you all! Everyone’s journey is different and we all have to start somewhere. I hope Squat With Scarlet helps you get started on your fitness journey, or for those who have already started, I hope it helps to keep you going!

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Squats + Kisses!
Indiana Scarlet Williams